Christmas gift ideas for the next-generation dad

The modern dad is a complex being. Fatherhood for this generation of parents is a combination of pursuing their own dreams and making a productive life for their loved ones.

These dads have some traits in common: They are highly connected to the Internet, put a lot of thought into their purchases, and want nothing but the best for their home and family.

Most new-age dads don’t just rely on gadgets and gizmos, they also passionately pursue them as a hobby. After all, these are the dads who grew up playing video games, who were introduced to the magic of the World Wide Web, and who have witnessed push button phones evolve into complex yet strangely easy to use touch- and voice-activated devices.

When it comes to gifting, this lucky generation of dads and kids have a gamut of options that can make the holiday period the best yet. Here’s a short, helpful guide to what’s out there.

The age of IoT

Most of today’s dads grew up reading and fantasizing a world of gadgets that carry out day-to-day tasks, and that day is almost here. The Internet of Things, with its security cameras, drones, doorbells and smart TVs has given us a glimpse of this future connected world. Depending on your budget, you can buy him anything from a pair of wireless headsets to a Wi-Fi enabled car. These are gifts that will not only make dad’s life easy, it will also give him something to play with.

Finding the little boy

Before he became a dad and assumed the role of protector and keeper of his home, he was once a little boy with big dreams and few resources. Dig a little deeper and find out what he missed while growing up. You may be surprised at just how many things this man has given up in life to get where he now. Sometimes the answer may seem very simple and mundane, yet it may mean a lot to him. Does he long to relive the days of old computer games? Does he wish he could beat his own record on Pac-Man? Would he be thrilled to own the first issue of his favourite comic book? Why not give him the chance to look back and revisit some of his favourite moments.

Gifts for the man of the house

These men are busy, with lots of work to do and less time to do it. Yet they somehow find the time to spend quality time with their families. Recognising this superhero feat and helping him continue to accomplish the impossible is probably the best gift you can give this dad, whether it’s with time-saving gifts like a smart watch, Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags so that he doesn’t have to waste time looking for things, or fitness trackers that can help him stay healthy and keep stress at bay. Sometimes freeing up his time is the biggest gift you can give to a busy dad.

Show him you care

The traditional male stereotype defines men as strong, silent types. However, there are a lot of modern men who are not ashamed to show their emotional side. Show dad you care about him as much as he cares about you. Take care of his health and the ones he loves. That would be the best gift ever.

For the dad who spends his time on connected devices, make sure he is protected from cybercriminals. Don’t let pesky viruses and malware take over his devices and ruin his happiness. Invest in trusted antivirus software to keep him and his Internet-connected devices safe.

With Norton Security , you can give dad a security suite that will help protect several devices, along with providing backup so he doesn’t have to worry about losing precious data from his computer.

Buying a christmas gift shouldn’t be daunting task. Go with your gut and show him you care at this special time of year.

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