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What is Grayware?

Mon Aug 31, 2015 by Norton_Team

We’re not talking ancient Greek pottery here, but one of the most prevalent issues in Internet security today. But what exactly is grayware? Why is it a problem? And how should you deal with it? Read on to discover all you need to know about grayware.

So, what is grayware and what’s the big deal?

As its name might suggest, grayware is a category of software that sits in that ‘gray area’ – a sort of no-man’s land – between outright malware and legitimate conventional software.

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8 Steps to Safer Online Shopping

Fri Aug 28, 2015 by Norton_Team

We all love a good bargain, and the internet is a handy tool for comparing products and services and potentially making savings in both time and money. According to the Centre for Retail Research ecommerce is the most rapidly expanding retail market in Europe, and the British are the biggest-spending online shoppers: UK online sales grew by 15.8 per cent last year (2014), from £38.83bn in 2013 to £44.97bn.

However, there are a few pitfalls it pays to consider before starting your online shopping spree. Cybercriminals use a lot of different methods to exploit online payments, aiming to get hold of your personal data and lighten your wallet, or simply make money out of you by persuading you to click links. Follow our top tips for safer online shopping, and you’ll reduce the risks of paying out more than you intend when buying online.

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6 Things We Can Learn From Gaming

Thu Aug 27, 2015 by Norton_Team

Video and computer games are a waste of time, right?

Er, wrong. Sorry parents, but it looks like there’s actually a whole lot of good stuff going on when gaming. Not all the time, of course – there are plenty of games that teach us little or nothing. But the right games used in the right way can inspire learning, boost visual skills, improve co-ordination and lift our mood. Oh, and they can make us nicer too.

Not convinced? Read on to find out how and why your little gamers might not be wasting so much time after all.

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How to Create a Great Digital Profile

Wed Aug 26, 2015 by Norton_Team

I’ve got a bit of a reputation. Whether you know it or not, you probably have too.

I’m talking, of course, about our online reputation – the image we create of ourselves on the internet. Everything we post – blogs, tweets, photos and videos, likes, links, comments and shares – contributes to our online reputation. So, too, does whatever other people post about us. And anyone who discovers this information will form judgements about you and me, based on what they see – and may even use it against us.

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11 Tips to Speed Up Your Mac

Wed Aug 26, 2015 by Norton_Team

If your Mac seems to be performing less than perfectly, now is a good time to do a bit of spring cleaning. There are numerous reasons why it might be running a little slow. Outdated software, clogged up hard drives, lack of memory, too many apps trying to open on start-up or running in the background – all these can put the brakes on a once-swift machine.

Follow our tips below to find out what’s slowing your Mac down, so you can get it back up to speed!

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What Will The Internet of Things Mean for You?

Wed Aug 26, 2015 by Norton_Team

‘It’s the marriage of minds and machines… and our lives will never be the same.’  Economist Marco Annunziata.

The phenomenal growth of internet-connected devices and appliances – the Internet of Things (IoT) – means an exciting wealth of possibilities lies ahead, but it also presents challenges in terms of privacy, security and data management. Here’s what you need to know about the Internet of Things to help keep your family, your home and your devices safe as well as smart.

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Why You Need Security Protection for Your Mobile Device

Tue Aug 25, 2015 by Norton_Team

We do love our mobiles, and our passion for them is on the rise. According to eMarketer, over a third of the world’s population will own a smartphone by 2017. But we’re not the only ones with a desire for these devices. Cybercriminals, too, have an appetite for mobiles: the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) shows that 38 per cent of smartphone users became victims of cybercrime in 2013.

The phenomenal growth in use of smartphones and tablets, along with our sometimes not-so-smart attitude to security, means that our mobile devices are easy and plentiful targets.  As well as containing masses of valuable personal data, our mobiles are the perfect way for cybercriminals to get at us.

And with Wired reporting that mobile broadband subscribers are forecast to reach 5 billion worldwide in 2016, there is a vast and widening pool of potential victims.

Many people think you don’t need security for a mobile device, but read on and you’ll see why it’s essential. Here are our top 5 reasons to protect your mobile with security software.

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Nomophobia – Why You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

Tue Aug 25, 2015 by Norton_Team

You know that feeling when you reach into your pocket for your mobile – and get that immediate hot shock of panic when… it’s not there. Your heart races. Your stomach lurches. Your brain goes into overdrive. What to do? Dammit, you can’t even post your ‘missing mobile’ status or tweet about your loss.

You’ve just experienced nomophobia – ‘no-mobile phobia’ – the fear or being without, or losing, your mobile phone.

And this modern malaise affects many of us. No wonder, because our phone isn’t just our phone. It’s our digital security blanket – and it goes everywhere with us. Practically our entire lives are in those seductive little devices, so it’s no wonder we go a little crazy when we’re apart from them. But some of us take this separation anxiety too far.

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What is Spyware?

Tue Aug 25, 2015 by Norton_Team

With a growing amount of harmful and increasingly sophisticated software prowling the Internet, it’s essential to understand what spyware is and the problems it can cause. Spyware may be much more than an irritation as it can pose major privacy and security risks. Below, we’ll explain what spyware aims to do, how it gets into your computer and how you can avoid it.

Spyware is a blanket term given to software that gathers information about your computer and the things you do on it, and sends that information over the Internet to a third party. Sometimes spyware asks for your consent first. More commonly, it installs itself on your computer without you knowing and runs in the background, secretly collecting data, sending you targeted adverts or meddling with your computer set-up.

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How To Protect Your Child Against Cyberbullying

Wed Aug 05, 2015 by Norton Team

Bullying – it’s an age-old problem. But it’s one that’s found a new lease of life on the Internet. Thanks to our ‘always on’ mobile technology and our enthusiasm for sharing everything without care, cyberbullying has found the perfect home online. Cyberbullies can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, and reach their target easily at almost any time and from anywhere, while broadcasting to a potentially limitless audience.

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