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Want to safeguard your college life and enjoy the best student experience?

Mon May 15, 2017 by Brian Cody

Student life is one of the defining events in our lives. No matter if studying at home or abroad it’s a time to experience life changing moments navigating new waters filled with hectic college schedules. We form new relationships and make a whole lot of serious decisions both in the real and digital world that will shape our future careers.

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7 of the worst wireless security myths

Tue Feb 28, 2017 by Brian Cody

You’re connected to the internet right now—whether it’s wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. But have you stopped to think about how safe your connection actually is? Is someone somewhere watching you as you read this article? 

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Free vs Paid Internet Security Software: What’s best for your new device?

Thu Feb 02, 2017 by Brian Cody

Having a productive and safe online digital life is important. You need a full-service Internet security suite to protect you from emerging threats online. If you’ve been looking around for products, you’ve probably noticed there are lots of options out there that are completely free and there are some that require a purchase. Taking the free option might seem like the most attractive option, but it’s not. In fact, free Internet security software isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why:

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How to prepare your new device for a digital disaster

Wed Feb 01, 2017 by Brian Cody

When you think of a disaster, you probably imagine tornadoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes—environmental events that can devastate a community or continent. Digital disasters are a bit harder to imagine, and that’s because they’re not apparent among the tangible analog affected by similar disasters.  

Digital disasters are characterized by less visible qualities, all of which disturb, damage, or delete the digitalized data, records, and information stored by an individual, company, or organization

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How to set-up and secure your new tech

Fri Jan 27, 2017 by Brian Cody

With the festive season now behind us, it’s time to enjoy that internet connected gadget you may have treated yourself to or received as a gift. As exciting as these new devices are, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun of using it without considering how you will be using it in a few months. Now is the right time to make yourself aware of the ways that you’ll need to protect your new device and the information you store on it. Just remember—if it connects to the Internet, it is vulnerable.

From laptops to smart watches, to connecting safely online, here’s our ultimate guide on how to setup and protect your new tech.

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How to Let Go of Old Tech Securely and Responsibly

Thu Dec 29, 2016 by Norton-Team

If your planning on treating yourself to a new piece of tech or expecting a little surprise present this season remember not only should you protect your new toy but also prepare your old one for its new home. There are many ways to dispose of old tech, whether it’s donating your old phone to charity or handing down a retired laptop so once you’re ready to shift your digital life to a new device , you’ll need to follow a few steps to ensure your old technology has been properly wiped and recycled.

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How to Protect Your New Tech Gadgets

Thu Dec 17, 2015 by Norton_Team

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and a time when many receive new gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets and more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Smartphone Security

Tue Dec 01, 2015 by Norton_Team

With a purported two billion people set to be using smartphones by the end of 2016, smartphone security has never been more essential. As the smartphone market grows, the risk of attack becomes greater, as increasing amounts of personal and professional information are stored on these devices, which fraudsters aim to use for their own gain. 

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13 Apps That Will Revolutionise How You Use Your Phone

Thu Nov 19, 2015 by Norton_Team

The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ is so popular that Apple made the move to trademark it.

Want to see what you’d look like with a Ron Burgundy moustache? There’s an app for that. Want to keep your cat entertained with an app specifically designed for her? Yep, there’s an app for that too

But seriously, with so many weird and wonderful apps available in the app store, it’s very easy to see how a bunch of brilliant ones could get lost in cyberspace—which is why we’ve picked out 13 apps that we think will revolutionise how you use your phone.

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9 Top Tips to Boost the Battery Life of Your iPhone

Mon Nov 16, 2015 by Norton_Team

So goes the age-old ultimatum: "If you were on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?"  

Although food and shelter seem like a practical choice, we all know that when it comes down to it, we'd need to bring our smartphones. Not only would that desert island be a prime Instagram opportunity, we can’t imagine a world where we couldn’t have constant access to our beloved phones.

Practically speaking, maybe we could even use Google Maps to get ourselves off that island. Or book a flight? Or at the very least, FaceTime with our mum while we're waiting to be rescued.

The only thing that isn't so great about this plan is how quickly the phone’s battery will die. Luckily, you can increase the battery power on your device. Read on for nine life-saving tips to keep juice in your phone all day. 

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5 Tips to Super-Charge How You Use Windows 8

Thu Oct 08, 2015 by Norton_Team

Why is Windows 10 afraid of Windows 7? Because 7 ate 9.

That was a pretty terrible joke, but as most of us know, Windows 10 arrived without any mention of a Windows 9. While plenty of people have switched over to 10, lots of us are still using 8 while we wait until 10 is bug-free—so you’ll be happy to hear that there’s still plenty you can do with 8 in the mean-time.

1. Get your beloved Start menu back.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of Windows 8 must be in want of a Start menu. Literary quotes aside, it really is universal: the one big complaint about Windows 8 was the missing Start menu. While 8.1 took steps to rectify that, some users still weren’t happy with the change.

Get your start menu back with Menu Reviver 2. A touch-screen friendly option, Menu Reviver brings your beloved menu back with plenty of customisable options and a nice-looking interface.

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How to Declutter Your Smartphone

Thu Sep 03, 2015 by Norton_Team

My beloved iPhone5 used to be chockfull of digital detritus: apps I’d used once or twice, gazillions of family photos that I’d already copied over to my laptop and to Google drive, fuzzy videos, unopened emails, unplayed games and a virtual library of forgotten files saved to my home screen. They were all gobbling up memory, draining the battery and putting the brakes on my phone’s performance.

Familiar tale? If so, don’t despair – it’s easy to fix. 

Whether you have an Android, iOS or Windows device, don’t delay – do yourself and your phone a favour and start uncluttering right now. In a few simple steps, you’ll have a better and faster phone.

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How to Remove Spyware

Tue Sep 01, 2015 by Norton_Team

Is your computer behaving oddly? Have your settings changed? Perhaps you’re being pestered by pop-up ads, even when you’re not surfing the web? Or maybe your computer is running slowly, freezing more than usual, or programs are frequently crashing? Sounds like you may have picked up spyware or other unwanted software.

Spyware isn’t just a potential nuisance – it can also pose serious security and privacy risks. Malicious spyware aims to track your online movements and harvest and exploit your private information, such as credit card details and account user names and passwords. It may also change your home and search page settings, install unwanted add-ons, redirect you to offensive sites and even make changes to your computer’s registry.

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11 Tips to Speed Up Your Mac

Wed Aug 26, 2015 by Norton_Team

If your Mac seems to be performing less than perfectly, now is a good time to do a bit of spring cleaning. There are numerous reasons why it might be running a little slow. Outdated software, clogged up hard drives, lack of memory, too many apps trying to open on start-up or running in the background – all these can put the brakes on a once-swift machine.

Follow our tips below to find out what’s slowing your Mac down, so you can get it back up to speed!

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