Norton Ultimate Help Desk

Get on-demand IT help to fix tech issues.

Single Use
£ 59.99 per service
£ 99.99 /year

£ 59.99per service

Must redeem within 30 days of purchase.
See pricing details below.*

£ 99.99/year

Automatically renews, unless the renewal is cancelled. Price subject to change.
Subscription details below.*

£ 59.99per service

Must redeem within 30 days of purchase.
See pricing details below.*

£ 99.99/year

Automatically renews, unless the renewal is cancelled. Price subject to change.
Subscription details below.*

Peace of mind

Put your tech support in the hands of Norton experts.

Available 24/7

Norton experts on call anytime for help when you need.Δ


Over-the-phone or online chat service, with remote access so you don’t have to go anywhere.


Full range of IT trouble shooting for computers, laptops, mobile device, and peripherals.β

Cost effective

Typically less expensive than repair-shop work.

Yellow Jumper Ultimate Help Desk.

Don’t do IT yourself

Are you the default IT manager at home? Do the words "it's not working" start to elevate your stress levels? If so, Norton Ultimate Help Desk was made for you. If you think your computer might have a virus, our Norton techs will help find it and eliminate it. If your computer has slowed to a crawl, we'll give it a tune-up. If you've got a new laptop, we'll connect it to your wireless network.β


From first-time setup to ongoing maintenance and as-needed troubleshooting, Norton Ultimate Help Desk will help you fix your tech issues faster. Now's your chance to put IT issues in the hands of Norton experts — and put do-it-yourself tech support behind you.

Lady smiling listening to music Ultimate Help Desk.

Save time and money (in addition to your sanity)

Expert Norton technicians provide Norton Ultimate Help Desk services remotely, on-demand, at a fraction of the cost of an in-home service call or repair-shop work. No need to cart your PC and peripherals anywhere. If they need to work on your computer or configure your network, our Norton expert techs use secure remote-access technology to tap in temporarily and take care of business.β

Plus, Norton experts are available anytime you need help, 24x7, 365 days a year.Δ

Norton Ultimate Help Desk brings IT home — virtually.

Keep your computers running like new

It can happen. Adding new programs, downloading files and using more memory can cause computer slow-downs over time. But you can help restore like-new speeds with Norton Computer Tune Up, included with Norton Ultimate Help Desk.


This comprehensive inspection and repair service is designed to free up some memory, optimize your settings and fix the things that stand in the way of high-speed performance. It only takes about 35 minutes. And when we're done, you'll be working faster again.


Get everything working together — and keep it that way

With the Norton Ultimate Help Desk monthly and annual plans*, we'll get your digital devices up and running, and then help you make sure they stay that way. Let us help you get your devices working on the wireless network, connect your computers to the printer and get your photos from your digital camera onto a computer. We'll also help you troubleshoot software problems, set up Microsoft Outlook® email and even remedy operating system issues and computer crashes.β

Then, if anything goes wrong, it takes just a phone call to fix it. It's like having an IT Norton expert at your side — 24 hours a day, whenever you need help.Δ

Frequently asked questions

Norton Ultimate Help Desk is a service that provides remote tech support for one or three devices (depending on your selection), when you need it. Save time troubleshooting tech issues yourself with the help of our trained professionals.

Norton Ultimate Help Desk provides comprehensive IT support, from network and backend setup to device diagnostics and troubleshooting. It's available on demand, typically at a fraction of the cost of a repair-work shop. Norton Ultimate Help is available for computers, laptops, mobile devices, and even peripherals. It is compatible with (Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Home Network, Printer (PC, Mac), Scanner (PC, Mac), Digital Camera (PC, Mac), MP4 Players (PC, Mac)). 

Norton Ultimate Help Desk works like your own personal IT department. When you're having technical issues with a device, simply contact Norton Ultimate Help Desk for assistance in remedying your problem. You'll talk to a Norton technician, who will listen to your issues and work with you to find a solution. When you're done, our Norton technicians will also help restore your PC to like-new speeds with the help of Norton Computer Tune-Up.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

To receive the service, a high-speed Internet connection and the following system requirements are required. Some devices may not be able to receive services even if your connection seemed qualified or your device's environment suitable*.

Customer must have administrator level access to the PC or Mac.

Windows™ Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (all versions), except Windows in S Mode and Windows running on ARM processor

Mac® Operating Systems

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Android™ Operating Systems

Android OS version 6.x or later (must have the Google™ Play app installed)

iOS Operating Systems

iOS version 7 or later

High speed Internet connection
800 MHz processor (minimum)
512MB of RAM (minimum)
Administrator-level access to the PC or Mac