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9 Top Tips to Boost the Battery Life of Your iPhone

by Norton_Team

So goes the age-old ultimatum: "If you were on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?"  

Although food and shelter seem like a practical choice, we all know that when it comes down to it, we'd need to bring our smartphones. Not only would that desert island be a prime Instagram opportunity, we can’t imagine a world where we couldn’t have constant access to our beloved phones.

Practically speaking, maybe we could even use Google Maps to get ourselves off that island. Or book a flight? Or at the very least, FaceTime with our mum while we're waiting to be rescued.

The only thing that isn't so great about this plan is how quickly the phone’s battery will die. Luckily, you can increase the battery power on your device. Read on for nine life-saving tips to keep juice in your phone all day. 

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1. Update your iPhone to its newest operating system

If you're experiencing battery problems on a daily basis with your iPhone or iPad, try updating the device to the newest iOS. You can do this by navigating to Software Update in the Settings tab.

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2. Dim your screen brightness

Because screen brightness is the one thing we require every time we use our phones, dimming it will make a dramatic difference to the battery's life. Play with your auto-brightness setting to find a brightness level that will still allow you to read whatever is on the screen without draining the battery.

3. Shorten the screen timeout time

Following on from that, if you wish to minimise the screen brightness in a different way, shorten the amount of time the screen stays lit after you use it. You can adjust your “Auto Lock” timeout period in your Settings.

4. Close your apps

One of our favourite things about smartphones is their ability to let us multitask. We can dip in and out of websites, apps, and text messages all while listening to music. The problem is that having all of these services available to us within seconds makes us impatient.

So much so that we don't close out of apps in an attempt to shave one or two seconds of reloading time. Unfortunately this is one of the major battery-draining mistakes so make sure to quit each app when you’re done.

5. Bad vibrations

Sometimes keeping your phone on vibrate is necessary for notifying you of important calls and messages when you're at work or at the cinema. But for times when you don't need your phone to be quiet, up the volume and lose vibrate.

Vibrations use more power than ringtones because it takes more power to make the phone shake. If you need your phone to stay on vibrate, lessen the strength of the vibrations. This is easily done by adjusting the settings in the Sounds tab in your Settings menu.

6. Switch off

When you switch off, switch your phone off too. Instead of putting your phone on airplane mode, sleep or inactive mode, turn it off entirely. This is the most obvious battery-saver, but also the one we're most reluctant to try.

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7. Minimise app notifications

Each app you have on your phone will ask to send you notifications, alerting you to all its latest news and offers. These notifications come in the form of lit-up, vibrating or ringing messages which drain battery power. Notifications and their constant pinging can get pretty annoying too. Disable notifications you don't absolutely need.

8. Keep it cool

You think direct sunlight and heat makes you lethargic, think about what it does to your poor phone! The battery works better in cooler environments. This means keeping it shaded in your car and even removing it from your pocket where body heat will raise its temperature.

Might be an issue on that desert island though.

8. Turn GPS off

Apps which utilise the GPS system to track your location will eat up more battery power than ones that don't require it. Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will try to access your location to get you to "check in". If you want to preserve battery life, turn off these apps between uses or switch off GPS altogether.

9. Turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it

Whenever your smartphone has to search for Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, or 4G if you’re fancy, battery power is heavily consumed. When the reception drops, the phone will continue to scan for a good connection.

Reloading and repeating searches for internet connectivity will seriously drain your battery. When not in use, turn off Wi-Fi or quickly turn your phone to "airplane mode" to prevent it from automatic searches. 

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