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VPN for Android

Browsing on your Android while on the go? Learn how a VPN helps protect your browsing activity on your Android smartphone or tablet, especially while using public Wi-Fi.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Mobile scams: How to identify them and protect yourself

Mobile scams and malware are on the rise, and scammers are evolving to get smarter at tricking you into giving up your data. Review the many different types of mobile scams below and the best ways to identify them and keep your data safe.

August 08, 2018·2 min read
Why public Wi-Fi could be a disaster for you

Although WiFi has greatly increased convenience for laptop and smartphone users, it’s also opened up a significant number of security risks. Here’s how you can protect yourself from these threats.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Do you need antivirus protection on your phone?

Your phone has so much important information on it – from photos to your banking information. So do you need antivirus protection to keep it secure?

August 08, 2018·4 min read

Internet of Things

What is a honeypot? How it is used in cyber security?

A honeypot is a computer or computer system intended to mimic likely targets of cyberattacks. Learn more about what a honeypot is and how it works.

August 01, 2022·3 min read
Keep your home Wi-Fi safe in 7 simple steps

Small vulnerabilities in your home Wi-Fi network could cause problems. Learn how to secure your Wi-Fi connection in 7 simple steps.

July 20, 2022·4 min read
What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things or IoT: It’s a phrase you may have seen or heard as our world grows more connected by the day. But what does it mean?

August 08, 2018·3 min read
The smarter home: How to create a smart home

One of the key security concerns with smart homes is ensuring that devices are not vulnerable to hacking and cyber attack. Let’s take a look at how-to create a smart home while following cybersecurity best practices.

August 08, 2018·2 min read


What is antivirus software, and do I need it?

Having more than Antivirus protection is essential. Learn why.

September 01, 2023·2 min read
Spear phishing: A definition plus differences between phishing and spear phishing

Spear phishing is a targeted cyberattack toward a specific individual or organization with the end goal of receiving confidential information for fraudulent purposes

June 01, 2022·3 min read
Webcam hacking

You might have heard that hackers can access your webcam. In the age of the Internet of Things, that’s a pretty scary notion.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
Android malware

The security argument between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android system for smartphones is heating up yet again.

August 08, 2018·3 min read


How secure is the cloud?

The positives of storing data and files in the cloud are many, but you may have questions about security. Find answers here.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
Public Wi-Fi security: Why public Wi-Fi may be vulnerable to attack

Your personal info could be vulnerable to attack on public Wi-Fi. Here’s how to help stay safe.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
Is a VPN the safest way to browse the internet?

What is a VPN and is it the safest way to browse the internet?

August 08, 2018·3 min read
12 online habits that can expose you to spyware

Tips to help you avoid spyware.

August 08, 2018·3 min read

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