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What is a Trojan?

Borrowed from the story of the wooden horse used to trick the defenders of Troy into sneaking soldiers into their city, a Trojan Horse hides malware in what appears to be a normal file.

4 min read

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September 01, 2023·6 min read
August 08, 2018·3 min read
August 08, 2018·2 min read

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What is antivirus software, and do I need it?

Having more than Antivirus protection is essential. Learn why.

September 01, 2023·2 min read
Spear phishing: A definition plus differences between phishing and spear phishing

Spear phishing is a targeted cyberattack toward a specific individual or organization with the end goal of receiving confidential information for fraudulent purposes

June 01, 2022·3 min read
Webcam hacking

You might have heard that hackers can access your webcam. In the age of the Internet of Things, that’s a pretty scary notion.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
Android malware

The security argument between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android system for smartphones is heating up yet again.

August 08, 2018·3 min read

Online Scams

Clone phishing: What it is and how to prevent it

Clone phishing is a technique that scammers use to steal your information. Our guide describes how it works, gives examples, and teaches you how to prevent it.

September 13, 2022·4 min read
DocuSign phishing emails: 4 signs of an attack, and how to protect yourself

Electronic signature service DocuSign has warned consumers about new phishing campaigns. Here’s help in avoiding scams.

March 09, 2022·4 min read
How to report a scam website

Tips on how to report a scam website.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Social engineering scams on social media

Nobody likes being manipulated—and that’s exactly what happens to people when they fall victim to social engineering scams online. In addition to using more sophisticated malware, ransomware, and viruses, online criminals have become increasingly aware of the use and power psychology plays in weaving believable online fiction.

August 08, 2018·3 min read

Emerging Threats

Norton email scams: Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In a Norton email scam, scammers impersonate Norton through fake emails designed to trick consumers and steal their money and personal information. These answers to your FAQs can help.

April 28, 2022·3 min read
What is the dark web?

The dark web is often used by cybercriminals. But it’s also visited by journalists, law enforcement agencies and others.

August 08, 2018·3 min read
Everything you need to know about a data breach

Data breaches at companies can affect millions of consumers, but what does that mean for you? We explain it all.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
Dark web scans and dark web monitoring can help you protect your identity

Your personal information might be for sale on the dark web. A dark web scan can help you find out if your information has been exposed.

August 08, 2018·4 min read

How To

6 tips for safer online shopping

To give you piece of mind while online shopping during the Holiday season here are four simple things you can do to protect yourself.

December 25, 2021·4 min read
8 ways to protect your private information online

Having a productive and safe online digital life is important for you and your family to get the most from online experiences. We list some of the ways you can protect your private information online.

August 08, 2018·4 min read
How do you clear cookies on your computer?

What are cookies and how do you clear cookies on your computer?

August 08, 2018·2 min read
How to recognise and avoid tech support scams

Tech support scams can be executed via cold calls, pop-up messages, and incorrect search engine results. Learn more.

August 08, 2018·3 min read

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