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6 Great Podcasts About Online Security

by Norton_Team

Reading detailed reports about online security may sound like a useful cure for insomnia. Instead, you can abandon the reports and use podcasts to keep updated with online security and the threats that are out there. 

You’re essentially listening to a radio broadcast so it’s an easy way to absorb the trickier concepts as the hosts break them down in a conversational way. 

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No more bleary-eyed staring at a screen, with six tabs open and a variety of “What is a…?” searches on the screen.

Knowledge is power

The trick to keeping your home or business safe from cybercrime is knowing the dangers. The advantage of security podcasts is that someone else does all the hard work then fills you in on the important bits.  

Some online security podcasts give you an in-depth look at technical issues, some offer chat-based entertainment, and others focus on news and interviews. You’ll need to pick your poison – or your antidote, to stretch the metaphor.

As you’d expect with online security podcasts, certain conversations will go over your head—depending on your starting knowledge base—but you’ll glean useful tips from what you do understand.

We’ve picked six online security podcasts that we quite like so check them out to find out which show is the right one for you.

Security Now!

Security Now! is a weekly podcast by security guru Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte that ticks the boxes on all your technology and security needs.

The show usually offers a quick update on what’s happening in security news before delving into a particular issue or topic. It’s good for general news but you’ll also come away from most episodes with a deeper technical knowledge and a real sense that you’ve learned something.

They also offer text transcripts for anyone who wants to follow up on a topic or get a refresher on what they were saying. 

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The Southern Fried Security Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast offers a distinctive combination of southern charm and an authoritative take on online security. They cover information security, news and feature interviews with some of the brightest sparks from the tech world.

The short, news-centred format makes it a handy one to squeeze in during the week. Pop your headphones in, hit play, and soak that southern fried knowledge right up.

SANS Audio Cast

SANS Audio Cast gives you bite-sized bulletins on what’s going on in the world of cyber security. With a running time of 10 or 15 minutes, it’s a quick hit of security news that’s easy to fit into your day. The conversational style of hosts John Strand and Liz Estrabrooks is sure to keep you engaged and interested. 

Social Media Security Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast is mostly focused on dealing with security issues and social media news. It’s great if you want to know the potential risks surrounding the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media sites.

It also looks at some topics beyond social media and offers practical advice to ensure that you can enjoy some worry-free surfing.

Eurotrash Security Podcast

This podcast comes from a selection of security pros and hackers from Europe, as you probably guessed from the name. It’s one of the few shows that gives a Eurocentric viewpoint on information security so it offers a refreshing alternative to its American counterparts.

Eurotrash delves into the news with chat-based content that can sometimes be NSFW—so be careful if you’re listening in on your lunchbreak. The tagline is a final selling point and quite succinctly explains their approach: “Security with funny accents.”

Paul’s Security Weekly

With 10 years behind it, Paul’s Security Weekly is a long-standing veteran of the security podcast world. Formerly known as PaulDotCom, it remains one of the best-known security podcasts out there due to its combination of interviews, technical advice, and security news.

A unique blend of entertaining and informative content, it examines topics like vulnerabilities and hacking with typical gusto. Special guests like Tenable Security’s Jack Daniel pop up regularly to keep things lively. 

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