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Social media - The complete survival guide to staying safe

by Norton-Team

Social media can be a wonderful place to stay connected with family, friends and to view the world going by. But, did you know every year millions of people fall victim to social media scams? 

We like, we share, we “friend” people that we might not in real life connect with that sometimes it can be forgotten just how much personal information we let loose into the wild and the juicy opportunities we present to scammers. Remember that Facebook competition to win 3 houses, or that buxom lady that private messaged you who’s pretty eager for a date? If it’s too good to be true chances are it could be a scam.

It can be a jungle out there with potential threats lurking everywhere so we’ve compiled a handy survival guide to help you avoid some nasty traps that can surprise you on social media.

Discover how to identify a scam website from the real thing.

This entry was posted on Mon Aug 29, 2016 filed under online safety , online security tips and social media


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