What to look for when buying antivirus software


There are a few things to consider before you acquire security and antivirus software. Here are some of the points to keep in mind as you shop.

When choosing a car, trust in the product is important. The same can be said for online security. In todays connected world you need trusted protection that goes far beyond simply detecting the threats of yesterday but comprehensively protects you from today’s threats of ransomware, spyware and malware to name a few. If you are thinking of buying security and antivirus software, do consider Norton Security Premium, which comes with PC cloud backup and family safety features.

Why Norton Security?

Norton Security products are made for you, your family, and the people you care about. With over a quarter-century of experience safeguarding customers’ physical devices or the personal information on them, Norton software is committed to enabling people to explore the online realm confidently.

The Norton team educates and alerts their customers about digital dangers that have the potential to harm them. Their responsibilities are taken very seriously and have high professional standards. The fight against cybercrime is real, and Norton by Symantec believes its customers and partners should never feel victimized.

Unfortunately, not all security companies follow the same belief. With security start-ups and even antivirus freeware providers, consumers must do their own research and decide if they are trustworthy.

There are a few things to consider before you acquire security and antivirus software. Here are some of the points to keep in mind as you shop.

1. Free or paid?

Cost is a very important part of the decision-making process. While free always sounds great, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Some free antivirus software delivers only the most basic services. You may have to upgrade to the paid version to get comprehensive protection. Sometimes free software is riddled with adware and other software. Sometimes it is free because it collects your information and sells it to third-party groups.

2. Speed vs. performance

Although antivirus software is perceived to be heavy, intrusive software that slows down a device, new technologies have resolved many speed and performance issues. Then, too, performance outweighs speed. So, make sure your antivirus software does a thorough job and doesn’t compromise protection for the sake of speed. All it takes is one overlooked piece of malware that can bring down your whole system.

3. Compatibility with all versions of every device you own

There are plenty of devices in your home, purchased at different times. Always buy security and antivirus software that helps protect all the versions of every device you own.

4. Customer service and support

Before you put your trust in your antivirus software, make sure the company has a reputation for dealing with the changing threat landscape and for rapidly developing solutions to combat emerging threats. Better still, pick a company that responsively updates and informs customers about critical safety issues, offers excellent customer support and is your ally in protecting whats important to you when online.

5. Comprehensive protection from threats

Security and antivirus software should not only help protect you from well-known viruses and malware, it will also detect other lesser-known threats, including harmful downloads, threats embedded in USB drives, and viruses and malware hidden inside email and messages.

Since cybercrime spares no one, robust security and antivirus software could be the most important app or software you decide to use on your device.

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Editorial note: Our articles provide educational information for you. Our offerings may not cover or protect against every type of crime, fraud, or threat we write about. Our goal is to increase awareness about Cyber Safety. Please review complete Terms during enrollment or setup. Remember that no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, and that LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses. The Norton and LifeLock brands are part of Gen Digital Inc. 


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