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How do you know if it's a scam website? Here's 9 ways to check...

by brian cody

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of grabbing a great bargain online but have you ever stopped to think whether that ridiculously unbelievable knock-down price is really saving you money in the long run? 

Scam artists have been getting better over time and innocent people sometimes get caught. It’s no longer your long lost relative looking for your bank details to deposit a large inheritance in your account.

As you have grown more tech savvy, scamming too has gotten more sophisticated. One of the newest tricks of the trade involves copycat websites using well-known brands or services to make copycat websites in the hopes to fool you.

So how do you sniff out a dodgy website and avoid the traps set by online scammers? Here’s our 9 easy ways to spot a fake

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