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Holiday Hot-spots for Tech-heads.

by Norton-Team

Are you a gadget freak? A bit of a tech head? If you’re the sort of person who just can’t help feeding your nerdiness even while on holidays, here’s our lowdown on some of the best getaway spots for tech-heads.

Big Nerd Ranch:
Atlanta – Informally referred to as Nerdvana, the Big Nerd Ranch offers 4 to 7 day courses on the use of Swift and iOS so you can use your downtime to nerd up.

Akihabara: Tokyo
– This district is considered an otaku cultural centre which makes it the perfect spot for gamers, in fact the very architecture and decoration of the streets was modelled to mimic various gaming universes.

– You’re a traditional holiday goer, you love sea, sand and sun, but you have significant work commitments to attend to. Worry not, solar powered smart palm technology provides Wi-Fi and charging facilities on many of Dubai’s glorious beaches so you can contact the office directly from your sun lounger.

– Home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this is a fantastic city for tourists and tech-heads alike, an amazing bar scene coupled with a genuine love of tech makes this an ideal destination. It also nurtures a massive support network for start-ups and pre-existing tech companies which means the abundance of resources establishes Boston as the perfect place for a young professional with ambitions in tech or business.

– Bulgaria might not seem like the most obvious choice for someone with an interest in Tech but it’s a strong contender in more ways than one. Firstly, the price, with the current exchange rate a one bedroom apartment in the centre of the city would cost you less than £200 per month. 

Secondly it’s home to VR giant VRay and The Sofia Tech Park, and last but certainly not least, it has one of the highest global internet speeds meaning you’ll be connected in no time. 

Now that your next holiday plans are in motion and it’s time to book travel, accommodation and all the essentials you need to prepare, start to think about device safety and security while travelling so that you can enjoy that perfect tech-getaway!

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