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Want to safeguard your college life and enjoy the best student experience?

by Brian Cody

Student life is one of the defining events in our lives. No matter if studying at home or abroad it’s a time to experience life changing moments navigating new waters filled with hectic college schedules. We form new relationships and make a whole lot of serious decisions both in the real and digital world that will shape our future careers.

Early mornings and late nights will probably become the norm as you begin to cultivate a busy social life while catching up on important study work across digital devices in your spare moments. But can you imagine the sudden loss of valuable college work or access to social accounts because of a virus, malware or identity theft?

Norton Security is proud to team up with Student Beans to offer college graduates an amazing discount of up to 66% off* our protection products to help you get the most out of your education by protecting the important parts of your college life today. For as little as £1 a month*, you can secure your valuable assignments, documents, online interactions and social media logins giving you peace of mind that your priceless data stays secure.

What are the benefits of using Norton Security to protect your online college life?

  • Secure your online transactions when banking or shopping online.

  • Defend your devices against viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.

  • Safeguard your identity and online digital interactions.

  • Protect your important college work and intellectual property stored on your digital devices.

  • Share college work with classmates and peers with the knowledge that it remains private.

  • Have confidence that all those apps you use are not compromising your security.

  • Avail of our free services like our identity safe app to protect sensitive passwords.

Trusted protection for your tight budget.

Being a college graduate can sometimes mean budgets are tight. There are many expenses in your educational journey and protecting your smartphone, tablet or laptop may not be at the forefront of your mind as you head out for a weekend of partying. Who doesn’t love downloading the odd piece of free software or accessing sites that save you a bit of money? It might not be legal but think twice because it could come at a higher price than you expected.

It’s worth considering though, investing in a trusted security suite at an affordable price to keep college work safe and secure could be the best move you make in protecting your future career today.

More than one device?

These days it’s not just your laptop that contains valuable data. We live in an ever connected world and that means your identity and devices are always intertwined in the digital world. Remember all those party pictures you shared on social media at the weekend? Having the right safeguards in place to protect multiple devices from unwanted data loss is a must. That’s why we’ve put together a range of affordable products designed for student budgets to help you keep your online college life secure.

You can avail of the following great Norton Student Discounts:

  • Protect a single device with 24-7 security against viruses, scams, phishing attempts and zero day exploits with Norton Antivirus Basic for 1 device.

  • Secure 1 PC, Mac or smartphone against existing viruses and malware. Safeguard your identity, online transactions and protect your network with a smart firewall while having instant access to always-there customer support with Norton Security Standard for 1 device.

  • Safeguard up to 3 Pc’s, Mac’s, smartphones or tablets with round the clock protection for your data and identity with an easy to use web portal, instant access to customer support and always on updates for new and emerging threats with Norton Security Deluxe for 3 devices. 

Online security is not just about protecting data.

Keeping valuable data such as college projects you’ve spent hours working on secure is vitally important. Who wants to spend the night trying to recover assignments after getting a virus or security breach on your device?

With online threats becoming increasingly more sophisticated and cybercriminals willing to jump on any social trend to spread malware, the online threat landscape is changing drastically by the minute. Security software from a recognised name like Norton is one of the best and safest options when it comes to stopping malicious software from installing on your PC, laptop or mobile device as it can prevent it from taking over or slowing down your system.

Once online, always online: With anything you post online, it’s out there for everyone to see, so be careful with the identifiable information you use in your social media profile and which sites you sign up to. In today’s job market your e-reputation could contribute to landing that dream job once you graduate so doesn’t it make sense to protect your future today?

Experience a new sense of security in your college life with Norton Student Discount.

*Offers are for 1 year subscription. Billed annually. See terms and conditions.

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